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Deja Vu

‘Déjà vu’ was inspired after I had made a trip to Lantau Island, my home town in Hong Kong. Last summer was a really hot summer, I couldn’t stand the heat; I stayed in my sister’s apartment all the time, and I didn’t go out often. During my holiday, I stayed indoors and looked at the view from the window in the apartment. I saw the sun, the sea, boats, hills and the moon through the window. They totally captivated and enthralled me during that summer. This overwhelming sensation became a part of my daily life.

One night I saw three moons in the sky through the window. As I looked at them more closely, I saw that the full moon was shining in the sky, and at the same time, there were two lamp-posts standing on the street. Together, they looked as if they were three moons. This optical illusion evoked memories of an experience of couple years ago. I was still a student then and had just moved to Winchester to study for my MA. I saw trees and rivers everywhere; they preoccupied me every day, and since then I have always loved shadows and reflections, as observed in nature. This has become an integral and the most important part of my creativity.

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The Track of Time

Déjà vu